NSMO Hanger

Desktop Organizer for Headphones & Portable Devices
Sturdy and balanced with steel base padded with grippy bottom. A stable desktop hanger for headphones, game controllers, portable handheld consoles, iPhone and smartphones.
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NSMO Hanger Desktop Headphones, Xbox Controllers, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, ROG Ally, Legion, Steamdeck, iPhone

NSMO Hanger Desktop Headphones, Xbox Controllers, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, ROG Ally, Legion, Steamdeck, iPhone



Sturdy and Stable
The NSMO Hanger is firmly planted on your desk with heavy steel base combined with grippy bottom, offering a stable organization for holding multiple devices.

Versatile Organization
Two (2) included holders are adjustable with 4 different heights - this allows you to customize the organization depending on your set-up, including game controllers, portable handheld devices or smartphones.   The holders also come with a convenient cutout for charging

Soft Silicone Pad for Headphones
The flexible and soft-touch silicone pad protects the headphones from scratches and pressure points that may create a dent.



Material ABS / Silicone / Steel
Weight 0.4kg / 14oz
150 x 150 x 270mm / 5.9" x 5.9" x 10.6"


What's Included

  • 1 NSMO Hanger


User Guide

NSMO Hanger User Guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic headphone stand! Looks great, works perfectly, adds utility.

I love this headphone stand! It has a heavy metal base plate and padded bottom to keep it secure and firmly planted on the table, and the headphone band support is soft and flexible and perfectly shaped for over ear headphones. The useful device holders on the back can support even something as big and heavy as an iPad, perfect for clearing more room on your desk. The stand is at the perfect height to allow big wired headphones to be fully elevated whereas others are not tall enough and the stem of the wire is smashed into the table; not an issue with this stand. Price competitive with other headphone stands of this height, while also adding more utility and looking great - clean and simple with an understated logo and all black design. Great headphone stand!

Head Phone Stand

Just what I needed. After ordering this, I thought of hanging the headset from an S hook on a lampshade __. But this will be a great addition, as planned, to my work from home computer station.Upon unboxing, there was a slight aroma, not of plastic per se, but distinctly of fireplace char. A nice scent but surprising. Burnt wood smell? Very faint. Nobody else in my house has noticed.Overall, a great product.. very sturdy!

This may be the one for me

In the last year I have tried 3 different headphone/controller holders. Two of them clamped on to my desk but the lip is not square so those never secured all the way but even if they did there was just not enough room for the holder to stick out without getting in the way and one of them was a desktop version like this but it was not balanced right so it would always tip over. I took a look at the design and seen it was metal and I thought it may work for me. I am glad I tried it because so far this is the only one to work and not be in the way. It is very rugged construction with a nice base and has moveable hooks that hold the controllers. The way it is built it keeps the post at a permanent angle so that at partial or full load it does not topple over. This is what I needed.

Great space-saver

I wasnt exactly sure what to make of this stand, but once I had put it together, and placed my gaming controllers and headphones on it, I was pleasantly surprised. The base is made of metal and the body is plastic. This makes it very well-balanced. The stand does not take up a lot of space, which is great. Also, the controllers can be charged while on it.The stand can also be a handheld/phone stand since the hooks are easily customized.If there is anything to nitpick, it is the price, which is a bit on the high side. Nevertheless, I will still recommend it. And if you can get it on special pricing, its a no-brainer.

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