Accessport Lite

USB-C Gaming DAC Amplifier
Compatible with the iPhone 15 / Pro / Max - this DAC and amplifier enhances your mobile gaming / movie experience through high-resolution audio processing.
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Audio Depth

24-bit / 96kHz





Upgraded 2nd Gen Internals
Virtually all aspects of ADV. Accessport Lite (2nd Gen) has been improved compared to its first generation predecessor. The background white-noise is eliminated. It outputs higher volume while drawing less power. It features more flexible and softer cable for easier carry and higher durability.

High-resolution 24-bit Lossless Audio
ADV. Accessport Lite (2nd Gen) provides stunning, high-resolution, 24-bit / 96kHz audio for your smartphones through any pair of headphones / earphones. The built-in, dedicated DAC and amplifier bring the intensive audio processing required to properly render the lossless audio right to the palm of your hand.

Power up your Headphones
The Accessport Lite (2nd Gen) provides enough power to drive headphones with impedance up to 300ohm with a clean, noise-free amplification.

Maintain Call Function
Full call-functionality via in-line remote controls from your earphones using the certified components.

No Battery Required
The Accessport Lite (2nd Gen) draws power directly from the smartphone at a ultra-low 12mW and does not require a separate battery.



DAC 2nd-gen MCU with proprietary firmware
Audio depth Up to 24-bit / 96kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio 100dB
Power output 12mW (16ohm)
Amplification Up to 300ohm
Input terminal USB-C


What's Included

  • 1 Accessport Lite adapter
  • 1 carrying pouch



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very good.

I use it with my iPad Pro, Tidal, and Dynaudio Xeo speakers. Now I know i’m getting the full sound quality of my music, and it sounds amazing. Much better than the cheap Apple DAC. I would highly recommend.

King Z
A must buy!!!

I paired this thing with the ADV Nismo Jr and the sound is amazing!! Completely different when the iem was plugged in to my phone or laptop.

David Sylvia
Amazing usb-c dac/amp dongle

I love the Accessport Lite. I use it with my OnePlus 6T and the Adv-Sound GT3. The dongle that came with my phone makes the GT3 sound terrible. The Accessport Lite makes the GT3 sound amazing. The details are present, the treble is clear and clean, mids are glorious and smooth and the bass is detailed and deep with just enough impact. The Accesport Lite works well with my other in-ears also from RHA, Maccaw and Advanced. The build quality is fantastic, typical of Advanced products. It is small and doesn't add much weight or size. I can't say enough, the Accessport Lite is a great sounding dac/amp dongle.

M. Chase
Just take my money

I got the new iPad Pro and while everything else was an upgrade, I was really bummed about the headphone jack (or lack there of).
Picked up the adapter at Apple, but I should've known... it sucks. So when I saw these, I just had to get it. Build quality's much better than Apple's, and my music actually sounds like my music - thanks for making them compatible for high resolution files.

Perfect gift from the mrs

Works super well with my Pixel 3 xl!!!!!!

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